Heartrate and SpO2 not working in BETA [Fossil Gen6]

Hi everyone,
first time posting here, so sorry if another thread already exists.

I recently bought the new Fossil Gen 6, which has an SpO2 sensor.
I tried the stable version of SaA, but only managed to get my heart rate tracked.

I went to the support, which recommended I try out the beta version of Sleep as Android.

In the beta version, neither my heart rate nor my SpO2 get tracked.
I went into settings on my android phone, tried to re-enable heartrate tracking and had the following issue:

The problem is, when I click on “SETTINGS”, there is no option on my android phone to allow these permissions.

Any idea how to solve this?


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Hi @spqx,
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If you visit the Sleep as Android app in your list of apps in settings, and check the app’s permissions list does it include anything about sensors?

Hi @Fufu_508,

in the app settings of SaA, there is nothing about sensors in any way, neither in “allowed”, nor in “denied”, see this screenshot:

Hi @spqx Interesting. My Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 9 does show sensors.

I’m getting this message as well but only with hearrate tracking after switching from the Pixel 4 to the Pixel 6!


Heart Rate tracking permission is included in “Physical Activity” settings on some phones. Body sensors on other phones.

There is a current issue with heart rate tracking that may be fixed in an upcoming fix, according to support.

Fixed with Version 20211129 (22562) for me