Heart Rate Variability 1st Test

Okay. I found it after I took it with the HRV mode on my Schoche Rhythm 24, which has an intense, battery-eating HRV mode.

The chart I screen shot doesn’t make me look healthy. I keep weird hours. Under a lot of stress. I have used short term HRV testing, and it basically says “you’re ready to buy the farm, kick the bucket, etc.” This shows that app and SaA to be in sync with each other’s readings, though one is all night, and the other is for a very few minutes.

I assume you are still tweaking this, so Beta testers should let you guys know the readings of us Beta testers. Here’s mine.

Here’s the portrait mode chart. So you can better see the tragectory of the reading.

So, am I okay? What is your interpretation so we can interpret on our own? Thanks.

My HR band has never before gone down to 13% battery from 100%, but it blinks super-fast compared to the “HR Only” mode.

Hope this helps. I will take it every so often. I don’t want to wear out my armband!

Anyone interested? Gosh, I miss the Google+ group of beta testers.

Well, I think I might give HRV another try. It’ll have enough battery for one night. Man, that eats battery on my Scosche, which normally doesn’t need charging for 3 days! But it’s blinking at such a rapid rate that it devours the battery on my armband monitor with a dedicated HRV mode. It’s a great HR band! Highly recommended and fully compatible with SaA!!! Scosche Rhythm 24. It got a lot of negative press at launch because of the delay of the Android app. But all is well now. I love it. I use it for exercise! Better stability than my chest straps! All the best! I am sleeping late, so be prepared for a weird graph. Asleep by six AM for about 6 hours. I will try to fix that… Goodnight!