Heart rate stopped working


I was using my wearable (LG watch R + Xiaomi A2 Android 9) with beta version of Sleep as Droid for a while and heart rate sensor was working really well. Unfortunately, since few updates (around the time light sensor support was introduced), it does not work, even though it is enabled in the settings.

Is this a known bug?



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Hello, what is your BETA version when you look at menu - release notes?

There was a short regression in recent version regarding HR on Wear by should be fixed now…


I think the issue started 2 or 3 updates ago. My phone and SmartWatch are all up to date.

I’m just trying the latest BETA with LG Watch Urban and HR are tracked properly… Also users that reported the issues in the previous BETA reportes that it is fixed now…

How do you start sleep tracking? Can you double check the body sensoir permission is granted to SleepWear on the watch?

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Thanks, I start sleep tracking from the phone. I set the alarm time and then use start sleep tracking button. HR is enabled in settings.

I have reinstalled the smart watch app. After starting it asked for permissions again and accepted, but the HR tracking still does not work.

Last measurement with HR was on 6/11.

Got new smartwatch and HR works as it’s supposed to.

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