Heart Rate missing from Wear OS

Detailed description of the problem:
Sleep tracking started from wear OS (Huawei watch 2 fully updated), Sleep as Android starts on the phone (Galaxy S8+ also fully updated), but no heart rate is recorded

Version of Sleep as Android:
Latest Beta as for today

Detailed description of the problem:
Same issue here withe Pebble 2.
The tracking screen on phone shows heart rate icon from time to time, but no heart rate on report visible.

Version of Sleep as Android:

LG urbane 1, same thing.
Not even a heart symbol.

Never worked for me.
Tickwatch E & OnePlus One Android 8.1
Sleep : 20181011

Any update on this? The Fossil Sport 43mm is listed as supported with heart rate monitoring, but it never asked for the relevant permission, nor can I even manually add the permission from WearOS settings. 20190430 and a fully updated watch.

Heart rate works with my fossil 43mm. Just ticked the relevant box in settings.

Fyi anyone else finding this post, ensure access to sensors is enabled on your smart device. On my WearOS watch (a Huawei Watch 2) this is done (on the watch) by the menu: Settings->Apps and Notifications->App Permissions->SleepWear and set to Enabled.

Hello ,

sorry for the issue. To be able to track HR on your Wear OS we require you to opt into our BETA version. This is because HR tracking on Wear requires a new permission - BODY SENSORS on both the watch and phone app and we do not want all other users to bother them with that permission.

If you did already installed the BETA version and you have HR tracking enabled in settings - Wearables… but still you are not getting any HR in your sleep graphs, the problem in wast majority cases is that the app on yoru phone is already the BETA which the declared BODY SENSORS permission but the watch app with that permission declared has not yet been synced over to your watch…

You can check permissions on your watch in Settings > Apps > SleepWear.

If this is the case, please make sure you have the latest app on your watch - just uninstall it from your watch and install it again…