Heart rate missing for last few hours

I use Fossil Carlyle (5th gen) for sleep tracking with HR. However, when I look at the graphs, HR stops at around 5-6 while I wake up after 7.

Also, HR doesn’t show up at all when I look at the graph instantly after stopping alarm, only when viewed later.

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I don’t know, but at 5 or 6, do you walk anywhere? I don’t want to intrude, but to a restroom? Or wherever. If I do that, I unplug my phone and carry it with me and back. And then replug it. The HR keeps on and shows after alarm dismissal. But sometimes, if I just leave it behind next to the bed, the Bluetooth connection cuts out, and is lost. I use a BTLE optical sensor armband. I no longer believe the claims of 100 feet from your phone. The phone still needs to be close and with no obstructions. It would be nice if the app had a way to refresh the connection while it’s still tracking. But that’s not the case. Hope this helps.

No, during the time I’m asleep.
But yeah, I guess the issue could be with connection between the watch and phone.

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Hello, could you please send us the application log (☰ menu -> Report a bug) and share the last graph as well?
If the connection with your Fossil was dropped, then you would see a red section on the graph.

I sent a bug report. Here’s a screenshot of the graph showing the issue.Screenshot_20191120-121205__01|356x500

Well thats actually weird… The last night still has the problem but the graph is now complete for the previous nights, so the data exists but it just doesn’t show up until like a day later :face_with_raised_eyebrow: