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Enhances your sleep tracking data and awake detection.

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Recently started using a wearable. HR data is imported from Google Fit. That seem accurate. However what I see happening every morning is that my ‘efficiency’ metric drops from 95+% to around 80% after the HR data is imported. Every night I seem to have some HR spikes. I almost never lay awake at those times, but SaA seems to interpret it that way and subtract over an hour from my sleep time.
Of course I can disable the HR import. But I wonder if this is something in the way SaA interprets the HR data.

I am using the Huawei Watch 2 for sleep tracking and so far it did measure the heart rate and showed a little heart in the bottom while tracking. Since I installed sleep as android the last time it doesn’t track my heart rate anymore. The app on the phone can access vital data and the wear os app was opened once and I accepted the access to vital data there too. The heart rate monitoring is checked but the heart doesn’t show up and the heart rate data is missing. What could be the problem?

Hello @Dennis, can you please let me know what is the version of the Wear OS app on your watch? Are you in the BETA channel?

I am not inside the beta channel and installed the app today on my watch. I guess it’s the latest version then. I couldn’t find a version number inside the app for watch OS.

Do you happen have Oximeter tracking enabled in Settings > Wearables?

Oximeter is disabled because I think the Huawei Watch 2 doesn’t support Oximeter tracking.