Heart Rate and Noise Not Working (Samsung Gear Fit 2)

Hey all, I thought I had the heart rate figured out (for me at least). That was the only night it recorded, I have the correct boxes checked (I haven’t changed anything since that night). I also noticed, after looking that the day of information that I lost (sleep charts, etc) my HR did record when I didn’t have it activated to record).

I am also having problems with Noise showing up. The last time it shows sleep noise recording was on May 28 (so Tuesday). Yet, if I open my graph/chart for the days, it is showing there was noise on the other nights. Again, I haven’t changed the settings since the first night I used them. I moved the noise volume up before using, as I remembered in the past when i had it low, nothing would record.

Here are a couple of photos (2 of settings and 5/30 and 5/31 graphs, I didn’t use on 5/29, fell asleep before activating). According to the release notes, I am using 20190530. I’m not sure if this is the right place or if it’s a device/wearable issue, so if I should send a bug report that way.

As you can tell in the screen charts, it does show noise being recorded, but nothing shows up and when I go to ‘noises’ nothing outside of 5/28 shows up, even though the graphs/chart shows information there. Also, whenever I try to expand the chart, areas on the graph/chart, it just shows an edit/scissors, where I can edit a section. It doesn’t actually let me zoom in on the areas at all, just edit/cut them.

Figured out the HR problem, apparently I have to make sure it starts showing a heartbeat on my phone screen or it doesn’t work at all that night.