Heart on wearable screen

You know the beating heart on the phone screen? Handy-dandy: LOVE IT. Can you put it on all watch screens too? I have a Pebble Time. You can update apps via Rebble’s new development cloud or however that works for you guys. Just so we don’t have to look at the phone. Just the watch or wearable. Thank you. Just in beta is fine for now. Could you? As a beta test? It would really help. I’ve been awake for too long.

Robin :heart:

Hello Robin, how are you doing? I’m really really sorry, but I don’t think we can realistically, get some Pebble updates somewhere into our higher priority task… :(… in general any wearable platform integration is a real time and resource hog, so in general we really need to keep all the functionality on watch minimal and do maximum on the phone :(… sorry about that

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I’m doing okay. Hope you and yours are well.

All the best,

Big thanks for you understanding and all the best!

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You’re most welcome!