Health Sync App btw Samsung Health and Google Fit - Caveats


There’s a wonderful little app in the Play Store called “Health Sync.” I was finally able to Sync my Pebble Health steps to Samsung Health via Google Fit. Exactly. Friends again! BUT . . . sleep.

It syncs sleep alright, it syncs every doggone thing Google Fit thinks is sleep from my watch. Which means if I’m sitting in a semi-reclined position, boom! “Nap!” Or so it thinks. Plus, it was actually doubling the sleeps! (Samsung Sync in SaA will fix that.)

I heartily recommend this great little app, but if you’re directly sycning your sleep from SaA to S-Health, uncheck “sleep” or your stats will be wrong, or at least your stats won’t reflect your nightly sleep sessions.

As for the extra graphs, some overlap, some are actual naps, most are not. And sometimes, it seems to pick up “sleep” when I am shown walking during the day.

So, if you want to use all the data in Samsung Health, uncheck “sleep” in the Health Sync app. If ever you want all those phantom graphs, they are saved in Google Fit and you can re-sync it all anytime.

(Also, only check “activities” if you only track your workouts from inside Google Fit, with Google Fit. Or it will double up like crazy because Samsung Health is doing the same thing in pulling data from workout apps, or tracking workouts itself.)

Again, terrific app, highly recommended. But be careful with “sleep.”