Health Connect sync not working for HRV and SpO2

I use a Galaxy Watch 6 with my S22 Ultra with SAA for my alarm and am able to get heart rate data collected by the app. I’ve read that HRV and SpO2 data is inaccessible by the app from the watch because of Samsung limitations and that the only way to get this data to appear in the app whatsoever is to use the Health Connect app. I’ve reinstalled SAA from the website as an APK (supposed to be a workaround to get Health Connect support to work) and I’ve configured Health Connect to sync sleep data and let SAA read HRV data and to have SHealth write this data, but it doesn’t seem to be successful. Strangely, the HR checkbox on the Health Connect page is blank despite the Sleep and SpO2 boxes being checked. Is there any way to fix this?

On version 20240111 (230316)

Hello @ApollotheNerd, we are currently negotiating HR with the Health Connect team - they granted us a different type of data type, than we asked for. When this is solved, the HR option will be clickable again.
The SpO2 data should work - do you have trouble with this type of data too?

The version available for download on our page are the very same we upload on Play Store.

I am having trouble with the SpO2 data with Health Connect. Regarding the apk download thing, I followed the advice of this blurb in the Health Connect section:

Hello @ApollotheNerd, which version exactly do you have (of Sleep app)? Is SpO2 data allowed for Health Connect integration?

I mentioned it in an earlier message but I’m using 20240111. SpO2 data is allowed according to health connect.

Could you please send the logs (Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug)? We do not have this reported from other users, so we need to check, what is happening on your device during the sync.
Which app is a source of the SpO2 data in your Health Connect account?

I’ve sent the logs over via email (device is SM-S908U1). I’ve mentioned this in the first message but my SpO2 data should be coming from Samsung Health.