Harder math tasks for Typed Math Captcha

After years of waking up and solving math problems, I’ve gotten too good (what an irony, right).
Now I would like to get an increased difficulty (after 5, difficulty
level 6?).

I was thinking only about increasing the difficulty same way as before. So from “(1713 + 4) / 5" make it one step harder, like "4324 + 17*29”. Add more and higher double digit numbers. But not too high, same difficulty increase as from 4 to 5, make it from 5 to 6.

Or integer numbers, but limit it to 1 or 2 digits. For your example (6,6666) should probably be solved with fractions. But something like (4.32 + 7.48) and then maybe add some division.

from support conversation with Dario