Google Keyboard overlaps text box for taking Sleep notes

Detailed description of the problem:
Google keyboard
Version = 2022102600
Up to date
Primary on-device:
No packs
Fallback on-device:
No packs

keyboard Height: extra short

Google Keyboard overlaps text box for taking Sleep notes

Steps to reproduce:
Stop sleep tracking and take notes

Version of Sleep as Android:
Version 20230426 (22912) Premium
Google Play Store beta

Hi, do you think it started after the Sleep update?
We have troubles reproducing this, on the testing phones we currently have, the keyboard component is aligned.
Do you use any alteration of the screen - DPI or font change?

Hello, many thanks for reporting, unfortunately we cannot reproduce the issue on any of our phones around, without reproducing such rare and device specific issue is very hard to fix… ! This is how this looks on my phone for instance Screenshot_20230515_091012|222x499

I have a similar effect with an banking app.
Some month ago the app worked flawless.
Last user words: "I have changed nothing "
But: Meanwhile i got a new version of that app and and the may update of android.

If I have a big key board, it moves/shifts an other field over the text field I am typing to. So I have to type blind.

A work a round for me is, to remove number line and choose a smaller layout or make the key board floating.

Maybe there are 2…3 ways the gboard can “occur”?

  • One is “overlay” the existing screen
  • The other shift all exiting up.
  • Or try to shift up other content like a card deck?

Too it could maybe depend on the hight/size/resolution of the mobile’s screen? I use a pixel 6.