Google home/Google assistant integration

I think it would be truly awesome if sleep as android were fully or partly integrated with Google home/assistant.
The smart home technology is starting to get really popular.

I usually run routines like goodnight and good morning. It could be awesome If I could say goodnight and when my speaker ask what time to set my alarm, it would then automatically set the alarm in the sleep app and start sleep tracking.

Another thing is after I dismiss my alarm, If I could then trigger my good morning routine.

Also imagine if I could ask Google assistant how I slept last night, and it would then give me a short summary or show some data.

There is probably tons of stuff you could do, if sleep as android were compatible with Google assistant. I don’t know how big project it would be.
But I do believe the future of this app belong to the smart home technology such as Google home, Alexa, smart lights (as you have done with hue, IKEA), smart blinds (IKEA), smart speakers etc.

I am using Alexa routines because I have two Fire Sticks that have Alexa, plus the phone app. I would love for that to be fully integrated to the pre-bedtime and alarm dismiss. It says goodnight in a different way every night and plays my favorite lullaby song, which I’ve been using for 7 years. (Not the all-night SaA “lullaby,” which for me is pink noise, but just a song, a genuine lullaby called “Sand Castles” I use it to relax and it’s part of the Alexa “goodnight” routine that I made.) Other reminders outside of Alexa are more hardcore, because I set them up that way: “Go to sleep now!” And in the morning, a set of routines. It would be nice to have it all tied to the bedtime and alarm time so the Alexa routines fire whenever the alarm fires. Since that’s been changing recently, as I go from job to job due to the virus situation, it’s a real pain to have to reset Alexa AND Hue (I use a really “cool” blueish color two minutes after the alarm fires. I have to change that manually as well, after SaA puts it at plain bright white, and I use the color bulbs.)

Don’t mean to be whiny, but that’s what beta testers are for.

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