Google Fit - Sleep as Android

When enabling the integration, you are asked whether you’d like to synchronize your past records. This is currently limited up to 3 years. All new sleep records are then synchronized with Fit.

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Will it create problems for Sleep if I dont integrate G Fit? Does it need data from H Fit in order to work?

If both Notify and Fit and Sleep are syncing with G Fit…will this create duplicates and conflicts?

I dont mind sleep pulling g data from fit, but I would prefer that only one app provides sleep data. N&F has been doing it for awhile

Hello, Google Fit integration is optional. The app does not need to it to function properly… it is just another storage where you store your sleep data. We can import walking sessions, sport tags and heart rate from Fit but this is just sugar on top I think…

If you sync Notify & Fitness into Fit that you will have your Mi Band or Amazfit data synced there - not the data Sleep as Android produces…

Hello, the awake time was not subtracted from sync to Google fit. Is this a bug? Many thanks


is there a way to disable the syncing of heart rate to google fit?

It always overrides the heart rate that is imported directly from the “google fit wearos app”…