Google Fit - Sleep as Android

When enabling the integration, you are asked whether you’d like to synchronize your past records. This is currently limited up to 3 years. All new sleep records are then synchronized with Fit.

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Will it create problems for Sleep if I dont integrate G Fit? Does it need data from H Fit in order to work?

If both Notify and Fit and Sleep are syncing with G Fit…will this create duplicates and conflicts?

I dont mind sleep pulling g data from fit, but I would prefer that only one app provides sleep data. N&F has been doing it for awhile

Hello, Google Fit integration is optional. The app does not need to it to function properly… it is just another storage where you store your sleep data. We can import walking sessions, sport tags and heart rate from Fit but this is just sugar on top I think…

If you sync Notify & Fitness into Fit that you will have your Mi Band or Amazfit data synced there - not the data Sleep as Android produces…

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Hello, the awake time was not subtracted from sync to Google fit. Is this a bug? Many thanks


is there a way to disable the syncing of heart rate to google fit?

It always overrides the heart rate that is imported directly from the “google fit wearos app”…

Google Fit was nicely pulling in my Sleep data, until Sept 21, when it stopped. I’ve toggled Google Fit on/off/on in Settings, and I “Sync now”-d, but to no avail. Thoughts?

This is happening for me as well, whatever I try I can’t get it to sync anymore.

@bahuma20 sorry for the late answer… yes tehre is if you connect with Sleep as Android you will not give it a permission to the HR data… hope that helps…

@EdwardamousD yes this is unfortunately a problem of the data model in Google Fit… even when we include the awake times they still show the full time of the whole session as the time of sleep… we did discuss this with the Fit guys… but not sure if they are going to change it :frowning:

@Endicott @Wouter_van_noort guys are you on 1+, what is your device? Can you please send a menu - report a bug if you did not do this yet? Many thanks…

Pixel 4XL Android 11 - will send bug report, too

And reading your responses I now understand why HR is missing, too - just didn’t think Sleep was involved…

Many thanks for the report. We know what is the issue now. It is related to the ACTIVITY RECOGNITION permission hell as described here:

This issue is only present in the BETA channel and we will release a fix ASAP…

Many thanks…

I did sent you a bug report via email.
I’m on Huawei Mate 20 Pro running Android 10.

What exactly triggers the automatic addition of #sport? It does not seem to match Google Fit for me. For example, I was very active Monday 12/14, but noticed that night (Tuesday 12/15) that SaA automatically added #newmoon while Fit added nothing. This month I show 7 with #sport in SaA but reached goals of both step & heart points 9 times in Fit. Could the SaA automatic tags be overriding the automatic tags by Fit?

P.S. I was initially puzzled what the sport tag meant since it appeared as a symbol automatically: I thought it was sleepwalking!

Hello, at the moment we require at least a one hour non-walking sport session… but in the new version which we are working on we will consider Google Fit Heart points and if you mean the heart point goal for that day we will add a #sport tag

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Hi, I’m facing a syncing issue where some of my latest sleeping records in Google Fit are missing sleep stages. I tried to manually sync in SaA under Services settings but it’s still not present. Other applications such as Amazfit Zepp app and Notify for fitness app have the sleep stages synced in the latest records.

Nevermind, I felt silly. For those who are wondering, you have to wait at least a day before the Sleep stages show up in Google Fit.

Hello @Danana yes we have reported those delays to the Fit team… it seems there is probably some batch process which adjusts the stages and it takes few hours to show… nothing on our end what we could do I’m afraid…

The hear rate picked up during sleeping, is it meant to sync to Google Fit?

It not showing up for me. The sleep hours are.

Same happening to me.
It stopped syncing the heart rate to Google fit

Many thanks for reporting and sorry for the issues. We are aware of the problem and are working on a fix…