Google Fit API integration

Hi SaA team,

Hopefully I’ve started this discussion in the right area and. I’ve did my searching online through getting sleep data from Google Fit’s api and it’s relation to you guys so I wanted to engage in conversations about it here.

Google has a ton of endpoints already setup that have a ‘merged’ set of data you can query against metrics such as body weight, calories burned, steps etc. However, there is no merge sleep data metric anymore correct or was there ever??? They use to have sleep in their Fit app but not anymore. IDEALLY for my application I’ve been wanting to experiment with, I wanted Google to have this merge sleep endpoint for sleep metrics but they don’t and I don’t know if they’ll bring it back.

Regardless if you use the android api or the rest api, you have to go through the datasources and sessions endpoints which really sucks because Google just sends up a dump of data and it’s your responsibility to parse it and the API isn’t friendly when it comes to looking for these sleep activities

Is it fair to say if I wanted any sleep data, I should go through you guys? you guys are pretty much the unofficial group that does the sleep metrics integration into Google Fit? If I had a xiaomi device and a samsung device, I would be better off syncing my sleep data into SaA app and have the SaA app integrate that data into Google Fit because that would be only one datasource I’d have to look for (ie instead of 3

Hi @Kevin_Quan. I’m pinging @marcel-urbandroid about this as he is the guru behind our Google Fit integration and will most probably have some insight into this…