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So i tried to set up the custom reschedule of the alarm, and I have a recurring event which i dont want to effect the alarm so i put #alarm-1m in the event description. But this took no effect it seems. Is there a limit to time change, like 1 minute is too little. Also maybe there is a command that i can place in the event that will make the Sleep with Android completely ignroe that event ?

Hello @Axel_Azzopardi

here are more details on the format

  • Supported format

  • #alarm[+|-]d+[m|h]{0,1} or

  • #alarm[+|-]d+[:]{0,1} or

  • examples:

  • #alarm-30 // advance 30 minutes

  • #alarm-30m // advance 30 minutes

  • #alarm+20 // postpone 20 minutes

  • #alarm+20h // postpone 20 minutes

  • #alarm-1h // advance 1 hour

  • #alarm+2h30m // postpone 2 hour 30 min

  • #alarm+2h30 // postpone 2 hour 30 min

  • #alarm+2:15 // postpone 2 hour 15 min
    object AdvanceAlarmParser {

    val pattern: Pattern = Pattern.compile(

But this will only reschedule to alarm to event time - 1 minute… Is this what you want?

I actually would like to remove the resceduling of the alarm for that specific event. If thats possible. I tried this ‘#alarm-1m’ as a minimum but it did not work, it rescheduled my alarm by 1 hr (since thats my default)

I only tried this in the description, maybe ill try it out in the Title, but I would like it to work in the descritpion if possible

Hello, we have found out, that we can no longer read the tags from the descriptions or the title, so the custom event tag cannot override the selected time shift (the slider) value for rescheduling the alarm.
We are sorry for the limitation.

Thanks, are you going to update the page to reflect that?

The tag time shifting is already removed (well, not removed, only hidden, as we hope Google will put this feature back). Where do you see this in the docs?