Google Assistant night routine to activate Sleep Tracking

This topic has been brought up before and users have suggested using IFTTT + Tasker/Macrodroid.
Which works, when telling to use IFTT explicitly. However i would like to integrate turning on sleep tracking into my Google Asisstant Night routine.

I have my Macrodroid webhooks url, now i’m not sure how to create/edit night routine in dialogflow or Google Actions. I think this would be a really easy integration just not sure where to access routine config.![95644721_229045098320975_981594443125620736_n|225x500]

I have started using Alexa more than Google Assistant lately. It can do more. You probably can set up a “routine” in there. Not sure if it can, but it’s worth exploring. Alexa functions with or without a dedicated Alexa device, and I have it on my TVs, too, with my Fire Sticks. It can play music before SaA plays it’s lullabys. It can also do that on my phone. It say “goodnight” in a different way from night to night, then plays a song. Perhaps instead of playing a song, it can launch an app and do something within the app.

Good luck!

Okay, so I’ve got this working now. End result: “Hey Google, start sleep tracking.” = sleep tracking starts in SaA. “Hey Google, end sleep tracking.” = sleep tracking stops in SaA
Demo here:

I think there are several ways to do it, but this is how I did it:
IFTTT (google assistant, IF simple phrase “start sleep tracking” THEN webhook URL created by Join) --> Join (join API) --> Tasker profile (Join plugin to trigger event, task=SaA plugin to start sleep tracking)

You should include task-specific text in the URL that can specified when creating the URL with Join API. This same text will be used to trigger the event in Tasker.

Then make a second IFTTT applet to end sleep tracking and second Tasker profile (again using join) exactly as before to end sleep tracking.

I know it doesn’t look so straightforward, but the end result is perfect, and once it’s done, it’s done.

I’ve already incorporated both commands into my “Hey Google, good night,” and “Hey Google good morning,” routines.

Of course, it should be possible to use Alexa in exactly the same way using the an equivalent IFTTT applet meant for Alexa instead of the Google Assistant.

Good luck!

Ed Vroman


Thank you.

Hello, just in case this is still interesting we have added Google Assistant App Actions in latest BETA version, please see