Google Assistant experimental features?

I saw from today’s release notes that Google Assistant features have been added (!!)

“Experimental Google Assistant app actions added (open/start/stop tracking, alarms, dashboard)”

Anyone know where to find this or how to activate it? I can’t seem to find it in the app.


Interested in that too!

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me too!

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I received a reply from app support:

the Google Assistant intents were experimentally added - the Google assistant should react for “start sleep” and “open sleep”.
We have asked for “start sleep tracking” intent, but seems like this one has not been validated by Google, as this one is not working at the moment.
Those intents are not in the app, you do not need to enable them. Just say “Hey Google, start sleep” and Google will hopefully react properly and open the Sleep app on your phone

Google Home integration is in the validation process right now, but hopefully, they will approve us and it will work the same as for the Google Assistant.
Even the Google Assistant validation process is not finished yet, so not all intents we asked for are working. But this is only a matter of time.

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Bump!!! Been looking everywhere for info on this!!!

Hello, big thanks, as stated above, we have submitted this in mid February, and after few issues has been reported by Google and fixed we did not heart back so we are waiting for the approval now… so please stay tuned…


Looking forward to Google Home support so I can add it to my routines :slight_smile:

What about intent for other locales/languages. For Swedish start sleep tracking would be “Starta sömn-registrering”.

Hello @andbir… many thanks… we try to use standard actions whenever possible and standard actions whould be localized by Google… so Swedish should be included… but we still did not get any approval confirmation…


Yes but there may not be any pre-existing vocabulary for the expression “Sleep tracking” in their dictionaries

Thank you for the update!

I know that “open sleep tracking” was working using Google Assistant but “start sleep tracking” wasn’t.

I was trying all types of combinations to get it working lol.

I can’t wait till it’s accepted, then my “Goodnight” routine will be complete!

Any update on the Google Assistant and Google Home features?