Google Assistant App Actions - Sleep as Android

"Hey Google, open Sleep start tracking."

"Hey Google, open start tracking in Sleep."

"Hey Google, open tracking in Sleep."

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Wow thanks nice command that must be useable…

what you mean?
also why is your i a link to a random apk site?

What do you mean? It seems pretty straightforward: @arjunsuhass is simply saying they appreciate the language that SaA chose for the commands in its new Assistant integration and expects this to be helpful to him. :man_shrugging:t5:?

Also: What link— and anyway, why would you blindly click on a link provided by a stranger in the comments section of a forum?

Nice! :partying_face:

Definitely been waiting for this. Cheers, SaA devs :clinking_glasses:

“wow thanks nice command that must be useable” isn’t proper grammar and it doesnt make sense

what link

also i dont even need to click on it to see it has apk in the url

The comment was poorly worded AND it had a link to an unrelated apk. Seems pretty suspicious in this age of comment botting.

And while, yes, not clicking on links provided by strangers is a good rule of thumb, you can’t unfortunately count on everyone to follow it. If scams still exist it’s because people do fall for them.

Therefore, users should exercise caution, and mods should exercise comment moderation.

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