Goal Reward Badge

I’m having major difficulty with my “duration goal” since I got a part-time job during the week. I am under 5 hours at this point for the past several days when I started. The weekend is now very irregular, and I’m not even doing better on the weekend. It’s not insomnia. I’m an inveterate night owl. It’s the winding down in my case. I’m considering using the parental controls on my router for 12AM-7AM. But I would know the password! And then somehow find a way to accidentally lock myself out of my own router. 🤦 It’s that bad. I may try your digital detox app! If that’s still a thing. That’s an idea!

I have a solution to the goal situation, though. We could “win an award” like Withings gives badges for steps. I don’t know what, but I’m sure you could think of something we could share with friends and social media. Like “I won a bet that I couldn’t sleep for at least 7 hours. And I did it! Here’s my badge.” I know this sounds silly, but when the user wins a bet, rather than the app, we don’t get anything, except that we didn’t have to pay.

I have no idea what would be fitting. Perhaps others could think of ideas. Perhaps take some ideas from gambling catchphrases like “I broke the bank at Monte Carlo for Sleep Regularity with Sleep As Android,” with a link to Instagram pictures of Monte Carlo. Or wherever. “I won the Duration Jackpot in Vegas with Sleep As Android. Here’s my badge!”

And that comes with a QR code for others to download the app. And everyone gets something if we win. You get more exposure through social media, and we get a virtual badge, or an award of some kind.

Do you think this too ridiculous? I mean, sleep is complicated!

Badges would be nice! :slight_smile: I would be very interested in streak badges.


I like it. Good idea! I’m a severe night owl myself and struggle with it every night. There may be other apps that might help. I used to have one on my laptop that locked me out of games, Facebook, etc after a certain time, and you could NOT break in to reset it. I’m going to look in the app store now - thanks for reminding me; I had forgotten until I saw your post. If I find any, I’ll post them.

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: