Goal Continues To Charge

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Version of Sleep as Android:

I haven’t set a goal - even a goal without payment, since August-September 2020 according to my statistics. It has been quite a long time. But it’s still charging me frequently $00.99 on a regular basis. These tend to add up and money is tight right now.

It just upgraded to the latest beta today, but this seems unrelated to which version since it’s been doing this for months.

There are no steps to reproduce it because I haven’t set any goals in a very long time. I keep meaning to mention it, but it slips my mind.

I do not know how to stop the ongoing “goal subscriptions” except to not set a goal. And I have not.

Anyone else experiencing this glitch?

Here’s a screen shot from my subscriptions. There is no reason why these charges keep happening.

This is a screen shot of my last goal month. August to September. This is March.


I see it’s possible to “cancel the subscription.” But I’m afraid I’ll lose the whole app! I don’t remember if it was an in-app purchase that is separate from this. Canceling the “subscription” would stop the upcoming charges, but I’m nervous about doing that. Google Play thinks it’s an app!