GO2SLEEP HRV integration

I recently noticed that the SleepOn app that comes with the GO2SLEEP oximeter now provides HRV data. I don’t use that app because it doesn’t record sleep time properly and SAA does a much better job overall. Is it possible to update the GO2SLEEP add-on to import HRV data into SAA?

Hey Charles, I know it’s been months since you asked about this. If you haven’t already, you might try contacting the developer of the add-on: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chakaponden.sleepasandroid.go2sleep

Hello @Charles_Beaudry. I am a go2sleep addon developer. I have no go2sleep ring device anymore so I have no ability to parse new protocol for HRV and integrate it without a ring. You can send me one for I can do that if you still interested in that integration.

The Go2Sleep add-on had been updated and now includes HRV data. However the developer indicated that it’s not “true HRV” as they take the HR days and divide it over time to get to their values.

Anyhow, I sent him my data and he thought I should bring it to SAA’s attention since the “Ring and add-on sent a lot of HRV (RR interval) values to SAA app between 2am-4am during the night. So this is something with SAA app and how it handles data or display data to user, because almost every second I see that ring and go2sleep addon transfers a hrv & hr data to the SAA app. Please report this issue to SAA app team. Their app logs has to show why this is happening.”

I can’t upload my Log file since it’s not an image file. So here is an example of what I’m seiing on the app