Geofencing for Captchas

I use an alarm captcha to enforce my routine. However, sometimes I’m not doing my routine. Maybe I’m on vacation at a hotel, or maybe I woke up early and am driving to work. In those situations I can’t really scan the QR code in my bathroom. I often don’t remember to change the alarm settings until its already ringing.

Using a geofence to enable the captcha wouldn’t help to cheat the alarm, but would eliminate the most annoying situations where I can’t complete the captcha.

Signed up to vote for this! Just woke up at a friends place. Forgot to turn off my alarms, cheating protection all turned on, no removable, fully charged battery. I use the NFC captcha. At one point it stopped but the whole house was awake.
As an alternative to geofencing, and for people that turn off their GPS, check for the presence of certain predefined wifi networks.

Hello, you can enable “not at home” feature, and the NFC Captcha will be only required in your #home location (the radius is ±5km, we do not check fine location).

Where in the app do I find this feature? I am on version 20230621 (22967) Premium and have found nothing so far.

In Settings → Alarms → CAPTCHA → Settings (the NFC/QR task must be already enabled as a default CAPTCHA to show this additional settings option in the list):

When you tick this, the app will reqeust the NFC tag only in your #home location. The app needs at least 14 days of data tracked in the same location, so it already knows, what is your #home. But I assume you are already using the app for some time - do you see #home tag on your graphs?

Ahhh! Found it.
It should have my home location by now. Use it for at least 10 years. Unfortunately I don’t record graphs.
Thanks for your help!

Edit: My forum account is limited to 3 replies per topic so here’s my answer:

That makes sense. And would also explain my little faux pas this morning because “Only at home” was active IIRC. Thank you :slight_smile:

This CAPTCHA needs to have the #home estimated, so you will need to do at least two weeks of data for estimating the home location in the app.
Without tracking, the app does not estimate the home location for alarms feature. But once you will have #home, this Only at home location will know, if you are at home or not.