Garmin vivomove trendの統合

ガーミン ヴィヴィオムーブトレンドの統合を宜しくお願い致します。

I’d like to weigh in on the request as well. There are quite a few Garmin watches without ConnectIQ so I’m sure there is a need.

Alternatively, if anyone knows of any work arounds I’d be very grateful for suggestions.


yes Garmin has a Bluetooth API which would be super easy to use and integrate the features we need for sleep tracking even without a companion app, we asked Garmin if we could use it for the good of Garmin and Sleep as Android users, but they only give access to that API for a limited time if you either agree to purchase a big batch of Garmin devices or pay the same amount to Garmin, which of course is a no-go for us. Sorry about that… Did that answer your question? Many thanks for your feedback!