Garmin Vivomove Trend - Garmin Alternative

I have installed Garmin Alternative and it looks like it’s working for my Vivomove Trend! However, I’m getting a vibration alert every second with the heart-rate symbol.

How do I stop that from happening?

Hello. Just disable notification sound/vibration for Garmin Alternative app in Android settings (not inside the application)

Thanks, that did it! Just turned off “Service is running. Tap to stop” notification. (Garmin Health SDK Notifications are still active).

Also, I can’t get the vibration for alarms on the watch to work.
Not sure if it’s something I should expect to have work?
All the settings in Sleep are the same as with my miband.

This feature is not implemented yet, unfortunately

Ok, thanks. Any plans to implement it? If so, do you have a timeline?

@Den bump for the question about future implementation of vibration alarms. Would be happy to pay more than the 0.99 for it…