Garmin Vivomove HR Integration

Hello Urbandroid development team!

I was excited to see that Garmin watches were compatible with Sleep as Android, but ended up disappointed to find that my Vivomove HR was not one of the supported Garmin devices.

As far as I can tell, it does integrate with the Garmin Health API, so I hope it would not be too large of an effort to add it. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

Thanks in advance for considering my request!

This is partly to bump the topic, since I got a vivomove and would like it to be integrated. I’d also be happy to contribute to the programming myself, but the SDK seems to be locked down to just B2B, so they probably wouldn’t let me use it. But if you could get me access to it, I’m sure I’d be fine doing the rest. Using this API would probably also help with a few other Garmin watches that don’t have ConnectIQ (though I don’t know how many of those there are). And, if I understand the difference correctly, could help battery life and space on the watch as you wouldn’t have to install an app on it.

I just got a Vivomove Trend so I’m in the same boat. And afaik all the Vivomove hybrid watches have the same drawback.
I’m not a programmer but I’m not shy when it comes to software so if I can help out I’d be happy to.
Or if it’s not too much to ask, would you mind poking me if you find something that might work? I’ve been looking but haven’t found any work arounds for Garmin devices without ConnectIQ.

edit: I’m a dummy, I read September and thought your post was from September this year. Sorry for the confusion.

Hello @U186 … ufortunately ti does not seem we would be able to talk to non-ConnectIQ devices… we talekd to Garmin about this and to give access to their BTLE API they want either a very big financial investment or purchasing many of their devices. This isn’t realistic in our business model, so unfortunatelly we are stuck with Connect IQ which is buggy - no body cares there is an unfixed bug in messaging queues for many year :frowning:

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Hi @petr-urbandroid! Thank you so much for taking the time and coming back to me.
That’s a shame… I was hoping that Garmin would be a bit more forthcoming with their APIs considering the suite of sensors they boast. But thank you for trying. Let’s hope they at least fix the Connect IQ side of things.

@U186 we tried to explain that this would a win-win for their users , but they insist on the policy. For the fix in the message queues we have basically lost hopes thsi gets fixed one day and now we are testing a new approach where we communicate the messages through a HTTP server…

Install Garmin Alternative addon. That will add Vivomove Trend support to SleepAsAndroid

Install Garmin Alternative addon. That will add Vivomove HR support to SleepAsAndroid

That’s… kinda messed up. I really expected more from a company like Garmin

I saw that but to be honest it looked a bit dodgy, is a paid app and I couldn’t find anything more about the app or dev. Do you have any additional information you could link?

Okay so the curiosity got the better of me and I tried out the Garmin Alternative addon @Den suggested and I’m happy to report that it seems to work great with my Vivomove Trend.

The addon is rather spartan and lacks options for configuration but the only issue I’ve ran into is that it seems to request SpO2 data rather frequently which drains the battery quicker compared to Garmins own sleep monitoring which from what I can tell have a lower poll rate.

@petr-urbandroid maybe this could be something you could include in the main branch?

@U186 big thanks for giving it a try. Unfortunately we do not have access to the Garmin BTLE API so we cannot add it. In fact if you want to do a proper RDI (Respiratory Disturbance Index) analysis we need SPO2 ~every second… yes it is battery consuming on most Wearables, for instance we cannot do it on Samsung Galaxy as this will drain it to zero in 7 hours, but there are OEMs who do not have any issues with it. For instance on my TicWatch 3 and TicWatch 5 full night with SPO2 has ~ 10-15% impact on battery life…