Garmin Venu 3 integration


Could the team please add support for the Venu 3? It appears previous Venu 2 and similar are supported, but not currently the Venu 3 (it also doesn’t appear in the IQ store).

Thank you!

Please install Garmin Alternative addon and send me the log for I can integrate it

Thank you for looking into this! Log attached here:

According the log your Garmin Venu 3 works well with SAA.
It’s connected after 17 seconds after you initiate sleep tracking and your device sends HR, HRV and Accelerometer data to SAA app.

2023-10-11 01:34:58.614 SleepAsAndroidSender: send: Intent { }
2023-10-11 01:35:02.126 SleepAsAndroidSender: send HR: Intent { (has extras) } 82.0 1697013302125
2023-10-11 01:35:02.685 SleepAsAndroidSender: send RRInterval: Intent { act=com.urbandroid.sleep.ACTION_EXTRA_DATA_UPDATE (has extras) } 687.0 1697013302682
2023-10-11 01:35:02.884 GarminRealTimeDataHandler: onDataUpdate ACCELEROMETER -480.0x-396.0x-924.0 1697013307718 -400.0x-344.0x-828.0 1697013307755 -324.0x-452.0x-936.0 1697013307792 size: 3 frameRate: 25

Your HR was 82 bpm and R-R Interval (HRV) was 687ms

Hello @lin, FYI alternatively I have also released venu 3 support into the Sleep as Android garmin app…