Garmin Instinct 2 - Huge battery drain

I’m using SAA almost 10 years. Recently I bought Garmin Instinct 2.

I’ve installed all the apps, looking forward to happy sleep tracking,
but I have an issue.
Drain on the watch battery is huge !

One night of tracking is more than 35% battery drain.
Considering, that this is equal to one week of using the watch, it is quite a big deal.

Is there something I can do ? Sending logs or something ?

In the mean time, I figured out steps to lower battery drain.

The fix is to start SAA from watch. Not from the phone.

When I start SAA from watch. SAA on the phone is usually automatically launched
and Sleep Tracking is activated.

Sometimes launch from Watch is not detected.

Using these steps battery drain is usually around 10% per night.

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Same experience with the Instinct 2X (Sept 2023)