Garmin HRM-Pro HRV support or "Universal" support

According to EliteHRV

What are requirements for compatibility?

To accurately measure Heart Rate Variability, your heart rate monitor of choice must:

  • Capture and transmit accurate R-R Intervals (also called Inter-beat Intervals or IBIs)
  • Transmit the unaltered R-R intervals via Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+ (ANT+ receiving only available on certain mobile devices)

Every HRM device should be mostly the same and shouldn’t need additional development effort? It would be up to the end user to verify that the R-R intervals are the same. Though supporting movement tracking I suppose would be another thing entirely.

So would it be possible to add Garmins HRM-Pro to list of supported devices, or “at your own risk” list?

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Device in question:

Hello @defactos, we support the universal HR and HRV BT Smart protocol in Sleep as Android, this is under Settings > Wearable > Heart rate monitoring > BT Smart…