Garmin forerunner 235 and heart rate monitoring

Just got the Garmin forerunner 235, and had checked before hand that it can be used with sleep as android. Wearables list shows it tracks sleep and heart rate

The watch itself has a sleep tracking capability but since I’ve been using sleep as android for a while, I’d rather track my sleep and transfer to the app.

That being said, I installed all the right apps and add-ons both on my phone and the watch, and managed to get sleep tracked with the watch successfully.

However, despite the fact that the wearables list says heart rate can be tracked, and that I toggled the setting on in the sleep as android app, the heart rate is not being recorded at all

(Mind you it’s only been one night and I’m still learning about the watch and associated apps/add-ons, but wanted to try and iron this out early…)

Thanks in advance to whoever responds :wink:

I use my Forerunner 235 with sleep as android most nights. Like you I was hoping to get hrm data. It worked the first two nights (out of about 12 times used) but not since. Don’t know why & can not find any help on web.

Hey Icarus,

So last night I toggled the “heart rate tracking” option off and on again. On the toggle back on, I got a phone notification saying that “heart rate tracking, click here to turn off.” As this was just before I was heading to bed, this seemed like a good sign. It’s also the first time I saw this notification.

Upon seeing the sleep movement graph this morning, there is no heart rate info saved :confused:

It’s likely that I may have tweaked one too many settings on the watch (there are no sounds or vibrations active on it). And maybe this is affecting things. I’ll keep experimenting with this and report back here, since I’m technically supposed to be a beta tester :wink:

P.S. doesn’t help that the Garmin forums are down till later this week. Once those are back up I’ll check back there…

@Icarus got an update which you may be interested in.

Had always been starting the tracking from my phone. As of the last 2 nights, though, I started the tracking from the watch itself.

These 2 times gave me the heart rate information overlaid on the sleep graph, as we both have been trying to get.

Going to keep playing around with this (i.e. starting from phone or watch) and see how this affects things. But as of this post it’s working the way I want it to :+1:t4:

@bsquared that’s great news. Not been using the garmin for a while, didn’t seem much point. Need to charge it up & try your method tonight. Will let you know how it goes.

Got a new forerunner 735, thinking things may work better on that, like steps not getting added whilst driving. But apparently they are no better than the 235 !!! That is my one gripe with Garmin.

@bsquared It worked last night, thanks for the tip. :sunglasses:

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@Icarus Glad I could help :slight_smile:

Gonna give the devs a heads up about this too, as I had emailed them about the issue as well.

Yes I don’t think it is mentioned anywhere to start tracking from Garmin not from sleep as android app.
I also emailed support.