Garmin Forerunner 165 request

I have used Sleep as Android happily for a few years now on my previous watch (a Mi Band). As it broke down I have now switched to a Garmin Forerunner 165.

It seems that this watch is not supported yet. It can connect via the app, but the app does not seem to be able to use use sensor data for sleep analysis (HR, SPO2, etc).

Is there any chance that this watch will be supported in the near future? One of the main functions of the smartwatch for me is sleep tracking (via your app! :smiley: )

Kind regards,

Edit: After a night of use, I have found that it does use some of the sensor data (for half of the night it used some HR and HRV data, but it stops at some moment).

Hi @seriousjin, the FR 165 should be compatible, we just need to update the docs.
You will need one addon on the phone, one addon on the wearable, and watch starter app. You can follow the guide at Garmin - Sleep as Android.

If the data stops coming, it is usually because of some “optimization” breaking the communication - so check, if all restrictions are disabled for the main app, the addon, the watch starter, the Connect app, and the Bluetooth (depends on your vendor and Android version, details at

Thank you for your response @lenka-urbandroid ! It is good to hear that the FR165 should be compatible. Tonight for another try after following the instructions at .

I managed to get it working, thanks again!

Perfect :slight_smile: thank you for letting us know.
We updated the compatibility list as well.