Garmin Fenix 7 Sleep tracking cuts off

Detailed description of the problem:
Essentially during the night, the watch seems to exit the app and this makes me lose sleep tracking overnight, including my smart wake-up alarms

Steps to reproduce:
Really don’t know how to produce, it really feels like a 50/50

Version of Sleep as Android:
Sleep as Android: 20230810
Garmin Connect: 4.70.1
Sleep Garmin: 20220207
Sleep Watch Starter: 1.0

Running a Pixel 6 Pro on Android 14 beta (UPB5.230623.005)

Found the culprit. Turns out touch was on, and you can activate a gesture where you cover the screen completely. This closes the sleep by android app, and by fixing this the app was able to track me sleep :slight_smile:

I have the same problem you had. Can you please explain the solution with a little more detail as I was unable to understand and reproduce it.

So some Garmins have touch capability (afaik Fenix 7 series has this), and Sleep as Android app blocks button inputs (to prevent you exiting out of the app). Now if you have touch enabled and cover the screen, you close the app/turn off the display. As you’re guessing, this results in the app exiting and a loss of connection with the phone and watch, hence the weird graphs. It just takes one cover up to completely exit the app

Got it. I have a 965 and it has touch capability. And I think you are right.
When the watch goes into sleep mode it turns off touch by default. However some times it goes to sleep a few minutes after I went to bed and during this period touch is still enabled and could turn Sleep as android off. To fix this I will have to disable touch of all moments.

I use the default hotkey to do that (Down + Start)

Having the same issue with Venu 3. Manually locking the screen does not seem to help

I thought I had it fixed but no. Still have the same issue with my garmin 965.

Can’t you use a hotkey to quickly turn off touch?

Nope. Couldn’t find such function on Venu 3. But I don’t think that’s the problem anyway. I do lock the screen from the settings menu and it’s firmly locked til morning.
Sleep tracking, however, cuts off after a couple of hours. Did all the “dontkillmyapp” stuff, switched to beta, still nothing.

It’s not your phone, its your watch. See here