Garmin Fenix 7 Sleep tracking cuts off

Detailed description of the problem:
Essentially during the night, the watch seems to exit the app and this makes me lose sleep tracking overnight, including my smart wake-up alarms

Steps to reproduce:
Really don’t know how to produce, it really feels like a 50/50

Version of Sleep as Android:
Sleep as Android: 20230810
Garmin Connect: 4.70.1
Sleep Garmin: 20220207
Sleep Watch Starter: 1.0

Running a Pixel 6 Pro on Android 14 beta (UPB5.230623.005)

Found the culprit. Turns out touch was on, and you can activate a gesture where you cover the screen completely. This closes the sleep by android app, and by fixing this the app was able to track me sleep :slight_smile: