Garmin (Fenix 6X Pro) turns on screen backlight and plays alerts during sleep

Detailed description of the problem:

Topic really covers it; when you use the Garmin app/connection, it doesn’t turn on Do Not Disturb nor does it disable the gesture and alert triggered backlight, making the watch beep and light up at night. The only way around it from the watch seems to be either to disable backlight and alerts alltogether, or to remember every evening to manually change the settings. That can’t be right/working as intended, can it ?

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Version of Sleep as Android:

Hi, the Garmin triggers the backlight for “activities”. And strangely, sleep is considered an activity on this platform.
There is no tool for us to control this on our side, so nothing we can influence, sadly.
Garmin integration can only work via the Connect app, which comes with some limitations. An open API for a direct integration is not available.

The only way to disable the backlight is to manually turn it off in Settings > System > Lighting > During Activity >Gesture

Does Garmin not follow the system DND on the phone?

It doesn’t seem to - I have DND on my phone activated 24/7, allowing only for direct phone calls to make any noise or vibration. Sounds like I’ll have to live with it :frowning: thanks for the reply and the explanation.

There should be a place in the Connect app, where you can enable the DND too (in the Sounds and Alerts section).

Do you mean “DND During Sleep” ? I have that on, but I guess sometimes it doesn’t detect me as sleeping (because the SAA app doesn’t count as ‘sleep’ ?)

I found no setting to sync DND from watch and phone, only many forum threads of people asking for such a feature.

Some models detect it manually, while others need your input - to set the times.
I hope this is the correct place in the settings:

Thanks, I widened my time a bit, now I’m not sure if I witnessed it outside of my old times. I guess I’ll see how it goes