Garmin Fenix 5S Plus - no vibration while I'm snoring

Detailed description of the problem:
Used Device:
Garmin Fenix 5S Plus
Google Pixel 6

Sleep As Android installed in latest Version on Phone - Watch App installed via IQConnect by Garmin
Steps to reproduce:
Sleep Measurement activated - snoring is detected - but no vibration occurs.
When starting the measurement also no vibration on the Garmin occurs. With my former Amazfit a vibration started when measurement started or device was deteced
Version of Sleep as Android:
Version 20230621

@mooseheadmarcus can you please use menu > support > report a bug, we will have a look what was happening… Many thanks…

In the Garmin Connect app there is a setting to turn on DND mode on the watch when sleeping and this is then blocking any vibrations… can you please check that?

To automatically turn on do not disturb mode during your sleep hours, open the device settings in the Garmin Connect™ app, and select Sounds & Alerts > Do Not Disturb During Sleep.

DND was not activated