Garmin Companion App - version 20230810 - Buggy

Detailed description of the problem:
I’ve upgraded to latest version 20230810 via Connect IQ.
Garmin Instinct 2 Solar

My standard procedure is, invoke SAA from watch.
Normally it means, that app will start on the phone and the tracking is working until wakeup.

Now, the app starts, but after some time (I don’t know how long, probably longer than few minutes),
there is just Connect IQ logo on the watch.

The sleep graph is strange, no sleep phases were detected and no movement either.

Steps to reproduce:
Garmin Instinct Solar 2.
Companion App version 20230810

I’ve sent also reports from the app.

Version of Sleep as Android:
Latest as of date of writing (2023.08.17)

Hello @hopp, big sorry for the issues, we will try to revert the latest change which is causing the issues. BUt our collegue @jiri-urbandroid is on vacation now so it will take few days… sorry for the issues…

Hello, I have reports that @jiri-urbandroid did revert the version on Sunday… Please let me know if the issue is fixed for you…

Hi @petr-urbandroid, yes the issue is now fixed ! Tracking is back as usual. Thanks !