Garmin - Cannot accept start dialog (green tick) - Sleep as Android

This dialog is the only way to start a watch app from the phone. There’s unfortunately no way to do it without that dialog.

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Starting sleep tracking from the watch is not starting sleep as Android app on the phone.

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I am having the same problem. I emailed the developer and was told the only way to start the app was through my watch. They didn’t even try to address the issue. I’m so frustrated!

Hello, as we explain in support emails, this bug has been reported to Garmin and we are waiting for a patch to be released. This is not something that can be fixed on our end.
This issue should appear only on VivoActive watches, where the confirmation dialogue is broken, and the tracking can unfortunately start only after this dialogue is confirmed.
We are sorry for this, hope Garmin is working on a fix.

This approach, of starting app on the watch, worked until the middle of October. It no longer works.
It ties in when an upgrade from you changed the color of the comments on the watch changed from white to brown.
How can we get the prior version . The version that worked

The work around doesn’t work at all now. I start Sleep as Android on my watch and it never connects to the phone, it just freezes the app on my watch. There is no communication and the only way I’ve found to stop the app at that point is to restart the Garmin.


Any solution yet? I’m in The same boat.