Galaxy Watch 4 / Wear OS 3 - Alarm always starts in the background

Hey there,
When I first got my watch and installed SleepAsAndroid the alarm would always wake up the screen of my watch and the app would directly be open so that I could select snooze or dismiss.

Since a longer while ago, this stopped working. I don’t know if it has something to do with a watch update or an app update, but I now have to wake up my watch and click on the small clock icon (the background app icon of SleepAsAndroid) to open the snooze/dismiss view I once had opened automatically.

Also an additional bug that sometimes bugs me: If I dismiss the alarm really quick on my smartphone, the watch does not seem to be notified about that and constantly shows that background app icon. But when I click it, sleep tracking starts. The only thing that seems to fix this is restarting the watch.

I couldn’t find anything related on this forum or on the web and hope someone knows why this is or if this is just some new limitation of WearOS or maybe even intentional.

Have a nice sunday!