Galaxy Watch 4 - SPO2?

I have a Galaxy Watch 4 and Samsung S21 5G. I have heart rate and motion tracking working, but I can’t get SPO2 tracking working. I have it enabled in the settings and the watch is connected.

Not sure what I’m missing. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi, SpO2 data are not available for 3rd party apps on Galaxy Watch 4. The apps cannot register for the sensor, so they are not allowed to collect data. The API is open, so we assume this is only a temporary limitation. If Samsung lifts the limit, we can adjust the parameters and our app will be able to read the data.


if this is the case, it would be great to change the app so that it clearly says this to the Galaxy Watch 4 user.

I have been wondering for days what settings are wrong. Sideloaded the beta APK, sideloaded wear version 5.5, turned continuous monitoring off/on, allowed background activity, restarted phone, restarted watch, etc pp.

The SAA UI makes it seem everything would work for SPO2 just like it works for the heart rate.
If the app cannot read SPO2 then it would good if the app would say so.