Galaxy Watch 4 only vibrate once on alarm

My Galaxy Watch 4 only vibrate once very weakly when alarm rings. Is this the way it should work? I would expect it to keep vibrating (not continuously, but vibrate once every one or two seconds) until I dismiss or snooze the alarm.


I have the same issue.
On my old watch (Galaxy Watch 1) it would vibrate my arm off even during the Captchas.

Apparently this is how it works now, good to know.

Interesting… Could be that it’s hard coded on WearOS and Sleep as Android cannot change the vibration pattern

I absolutely HATE this “feature”. I don’t want a delayed alarm sound, I want to reliably wake up without waking up my wife as well! It completely lost is purpose for me

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Vibration check - what the heck? One, little vibration? What am I? Toddler? @petr-urbandroid why don’t you let us decide how we want to be woken up? I need strong vibration from start and for a long time. That’s how I’m waking up. Now I have to use another alarm app because Sleep as Android is not serving me wake up that I need.

You can set your alarm a few minutes earlier than the time you need to wake up, so a few minutes after the alarm time, the vibration on your watch will be continuous.

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