Galaxy Active support change: sync new "nighttime mode"? DND no longer keeps watch dark!

Samsung recently changed how the Galaxy Active watches (and presumably other Galaxy watches) work with DND syncing. When your phone goes to DND, notifications are turned off, but the screen is not - so lift to wake still lights up the screen, which means you get light in your eyes and distracted when wearing the watch in bed and rolling over.

The way to shut off the light now, during sleep tracking, is a new “nighttime mode” option.

It would be great if Sleep as Android could enable this at start of sleep tracking, and disable after. I keep forgetting to disable it (it has to be turned on manually), so I don’t get watch notifications all morning 'til I remember to disable nighttime mode.

Thanks for all the hard work you put into Sleep as Android. Been using it for years, and greatly appreciate it.