Fossil/Skagen Wellness app + Google Fit + Sleep as Android

My Skagen Falster 3 updated last week and now has a Wellness app with built-in sleep tracking synced to Google Fit.

On the one hand, I much prefer SaA’s stats and detailed configuration.

On the other hand, Wellness is much more automatic. It doesn’t seem to rely on a persistent connection to the phone, which is probably safer.

I’m happy to run both, but I’m not sure what to do about Fit data. Google Fit seems to track both sleeps, and I’m not yet clear whether that affects Fit’s stats calculations. Hence why I’m opening this as a Q&A thread, not a bug report or feature request. I’m curious what other Fossil/Skagen users are doing in response to this new built-in watch feature.

(Though I will mention, the system update auto-installed overnight and broke this app’s wearable connection for most of my sleep that night. Happy to create a separate thread with more details, of course!)