(Forced) snooze pattern

Got my brother hooked on this app, but he is a much heavier sleeper than me, so when he’s waking up he has a hard time working out the difference between snooze and turning the alarm off, so I talked to him about it and it seems like he’d prefer a pattern where you can’t turn the alarm off after he has snoozed X times or X minutes.
So instead of having the option at all to turn off the alarm when it first rings, after a certain amount of snooze tries or time that becomes an option, as to avoid accidentally disabling it.

Hi @RedSnt,
Your brother can configure both limits - for the count and for the maximum snoozing time.
This will give him some freedom to snooze for a while, but when one of the limitations is reached, only a dismiss button is available on the alarm screen.
All the snooze options are in Settings → Alarms → Snooze.

For heavy sleepers, we recommend also protecting the dismiss with one of the CAPTCHA tasks.

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