Folder playback for alarm playlist

From Antoine on 2017/09/18 11:48:35 +0000

Please allow the playlist function to point to a folder - instead of us having to create an M3U playlist for this.

This allows us to have the content of the folder change, without having to change the M3U everytime we add new MP3s.

Down the track, this will allow to change the content we hear every morning. (new podcasts, new motivational content etc)

Copied from original feature request:


although this already is a pretty old request I really would like to support it. I have a music folder on my SD card with lots of subfolders for each group/album. Right now my alarm app just points to the root folder and randomly plays music files. This is great because I do not have to bother with playlists and never am waked with the same song.

So far I like sleep as android for its lots of functions but I really cant see myself switching because of this.

Thanks for consideration.

Please make this happen. Thank You

Yes please!

How this can be happened? I think Musconvtool may happen this.