Folder on SD card as alarm

From Nils Ritter on 2015/04/10 09:02:38 +0000

The app that manages my podcast subscriptions also downloads some of them. It would be nice to use this folder as source for the alarm tone, files sorted by name or file creation date. The files in the folder would be managed by the podcast app.

Copied from original feature request:

From guest on 2017/04/04 05:08:21 +0000

I also support this idea, not just for podcast.

  1. Not for podcast: I have a folder in which I store mp3 files for alarm. I often add/delete files. It would be nice if I can choose a FOLDER, not FILES, as a source of ringtone, and SaA automatically indexes the files and play them.

  2. For podcast, the following behavior would be great: Again I choose a FOLDER, not FILES, as a source of ringtone. Then,

2-1. SaA detects and add new files created within xx hours (users can choose xx) to the playlist and play them. Or,

2-2. Simply play the most recent file in the folder.

In all scenarios it would be great if subfolders are included.

From Nils Ritter on 2015/04/10 11:17:59 +0000

Yes, this is what I meant.