[FIXED] Essential PH-1 and Mi Band 2

I had a Nexus 6P before and everything worked perfectly. I unpaired the Mi Band, and repaired it with my new PH-1, I followed all the instructions I could find on which setting to set but I can’t get sleep as android to connect. In Mi Band Tools it shows connected, I can do the vibration and OLED test and they work perfectly. The Mi Band App works perfectly. When I try the test sensor in Sleep as Android it fills the progress bar and then just uses the phone’s sensor. If I hit the sleep button the same thing happens. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Sleep as Android and Mi Band Tools but nothing has changed. I’m at a loss for what else to try. Is anyone using the Essential PH-1 with a Mi Band 2, successfully? I’m not sure if this should be filled as a bug report so I figured I would post here first.
Thanks in advance,
Wyatt :grinning:

Hi, are you on latest Beta version? We have a bug in the current stable release that breaks Mi Band integration.
To install beta, please download https://sleep.urbandroid.org/wp-content/uploads/release/sleep-20180818-beta-release.apk

I updated to 20180818 and everything works again. Thanks!

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