Fitbits and Sleep as Android

I am new here, I’ve been using the App for a while as a standalone, trialling both sonar and accelerometer sensor. Sticking with the accelerometer for now as sonar messes up a few functions, I can’t listen to my other media while using it because it turns the volume up to full blast. There are weird noises too. What I want to know right now, is can a Fitbit Charge 4 interact with the app? The fitbit has it’s own app but it doesn’t work properly. It’s a software glitch that has persisted for months and with no solution on the horizon. The Fitbit collects the data but you have to enter a sleep log manually with a start and end time to get the results to appear daily and to get a sleep score. Whenever I enable the use of a wearable in the Sleep app, I just get notice that the App is searching or connecting but it never manages to actually connect.
Any hints?