Fitbit was working with Sleep, stopped a week ago

I have a fitbit versa 2. I’ve been using it for a couple of years with Sleep. Starting a week ago, the fitbit and sleep can’t seem to connect to each other. I tried reinstalling the sleep app on my phone and the sleep app on my fitbit, but it doesn’t work.

I’m sorry I can’t be of any help. Mine just started doing this for the first time last night. Fitbit Versa 2 with the latest firmware ( on my Pixel 6 Pro also on the latest updates. Since it started, I updated Sleep, Fitbit, and the OS on my phone, multiple restarts of my phone and Fitbit, and nothing’s gotten me past the “Waiting for Fitbit to connect” screen.

One thing I did notice is that the notification shutter no longer shows the icon indicating it’s waiting for the Fitbit. I’m wondering if the part of the app that listens for the Fitbit info might not be running or is blocked by a new security setting that I’m not aware of.

Hi, if the connection started misbehaving after the update, it is caused by a regression in this last FitBit uppate - according to the Fitbit support, there’s a bug in the Fitbit app which broke access to local webserver on the phone, so there’s no way for Sleep as Android to communicate with the watch.

The advice is to either downgrade the Fitbit app to version 3.58 or to wait for an update.
(Softpedia -, install at your own risk, but they claim it’s safe)​Let us know, please, if downgrading helps you.

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Hi Lenka,

Thank you for getting back to both of us. I’m personally very leery about installing .APKs from unknown sources because of security concerns, so I won’t be downgrading my Fitbit app. I’ll have to wait until Fitbit release an update to fix the issue. On the bright side, I know where the issue is coming from and know where to keep an eye out for updates.

UPDATE: according to our users, downgrading the app to 3.58 is not working (the FitBit app immediately crashes). The closes update, that seems to work, is 3.30.

Same here. Fitbit Sense v., Sleep for Android latest update: 09.06.2022.
Not working any more. No connectivity to Fitbit not Sleep data, but it updates my calendar.
Tested on 2 sense models, neither is connecting.

UPDATE: FitBit is finally releasing a new update, so please check for updates on Play Store and let us know, if the new version is connecting. Thanks!

It is working again after the update was installed.

FitBit app on Play Store for me doesn’t show an update. Says "Last updated “Jul 22, 2022”. Any idea why?

Hi, in most cases, the new updates are rolled gradually, so it may take a few days till the update is spread across all users.