Fitbit Sense stops recording middle of the night

Detailed description of the problem:
First night using the fitbit sense. Turned on sleep as android, went to bed. Woke up and I saw that it had stopped tracking my heart rate and movement. Additionally, curious if they plan to add SPO2 since it is a part of the watch or if its technically impossible?

Steps to reproduce:
Turn on sleep as android
confirm it connected on the watch
go to sleep
wake up
check sleep as android

Version of Sleep as Android:
20230621 (22967) premium

Hi, make sure the Sleep app, FitBit app, and Bluetooth, are all allowed to run in the background without limitations. This depends on your phone and Android version - check for details.
SpO2 data reading in real time is not possible on FitBit platform, but if you use the Health Connect service, we will sync the SpO2 data for the graph in the morning.

I am using health connect but I don’t see that its syncing the SPO2 data between the 2 apps. I just tried to resync as well. I did make the change in the sleep as android to not kill the app for battery saving so hopefully that makes a difference.

Off topic:
I’m coming over from using the ticwatch pro 3. I had some frustrations with that watch, but Fitbit really needs to redesign the app to be more friendly for both the user as well as the devs, though I suspect that we’re going to see it completely transition away from Fitbit app to WearOS, but this is obviously just speculation. Anyways, I’ll keep you posted if anything changes. I’m trying to mess with it to see if it will sync.