Fitbit Inspire series integration

I noticed there was a post of this nature, but it was under general feature requests, not integration requests. Apologies if this is the wrong category.

The Fitbit Inspire series is a great line of affordable fitness/sleep trackers. I should have checked the support list before I bought it (you know what they say about assumptions). It seems to have good sleep tracking already, so the fact that their native Smart Wake feature is unavailable for the Inspire 2 threw me off a little. I think they’re just trying to promote their more expensive models, but then again I don’t know the hardware, so I can’t really judge.

I know there’s already support for a few Fitbit models, so I’m hoping some kind soul who knows their way around the Fitbit API will come to my rescue :pray: If nobody has time or motivation I understand, and thank you for your consideration regardless.

Hello @Nathanael_Cimo, many thanks. We can only integrate devices with an API. Unfrotunately FitBit does not give developers access to a Bluetooth characteristics API so the only way is to build apps for the watch and this can be done on the app enabled models like Sense, Versa, Ionic…