Fitbit - Does SAA sync all the sleep data recorded by the Fitbit app?

I know Fitbit has well rated sleep tracking capabilities. I’ve noted staff here on the forums have indicated there are compromises when collecting data from Fitbit devices however.

Does the Sleep as Android app only compromise when it comes to live processing of the sensor data? Ex. Data X is obtained and not Data Y or Data Z but this limitation only applies while sleeping.

Is the full sleep tracking data obtained by Fitbit synced upon waking and combined with the Sleep as Android data to create a full picture? Ex. Data X, Data Y and Data Z are all synced upon waking.

I sync all of my fitness data with Google Fit and I want to know how well integrated Sleep as Android truly is, if it’s giving me the full picture. Otherwise, I may stick to syncing my sleep data from the Fitbit app instead and have Sleep as Android for only smart alarms.

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